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April 7, 2017

How to Make Your Backyard Look Stunning?

The backyard of your house complements the landscape of your house. Transforming and making your backyard look stunning also defines your personality and lifestyle. So, it becomes important to pay more attention to the way you decorate your backyard. Take a look at some simple backyard design ideas mentioned below.

Choose Annual and Perennial Plants
Both, annual and perennial plants require less maintenance and extra care. Also, these plants, especially a huge variety of flowers bloom with bright colors. So why not add a dash of colors to your backyard by planting these low maintenance flowers.

Don’t Leave the Trees Alone
Trees that stand in isolation in your backyard can look random and pointless. If you have more than one tree in your backyard, connect them with a planted bed of plants, shrubs, and creepers. A curved or patterned plant bed will look even better.

Create a Shady Dining Area
If you don’t want to connect the trees with flowers and shrubs because you have too many trees in your backyard, you can create a shady dining area. No, there’s nothing bad about this shady area. Simply place your dining table, chairs, side tables, and other furniture under the shade of your trees. Lay your meals and enjoy the perfect sunlight on your table.

Consider Gravel Over Lawn
If you don’t want to maintain a lawn, you can lay colorful gravels on the ground. Gravel is low-maintenance, durable and relatively inexpensive. You can also hide or cover dead spots and areas that receive foot traffic defect with gravel.

Avoid Mistakes

  • More fertilizer means better plants, No! Providing your lawn with too much fertilizer causes the plant and grass roots to grow excessively. This means you’ll have to mow your grass and trim your plants more frequently than normal. Hence, use a little amount of fertilizer that suits your plants and grass.
  • If you think that simply planting your vegetation and placing accessories and furniture around them is all that you have to do to have a beautiful backyard then you are wrong. If you have beds of plants and flowers, it is important to edge them. You can edge them with tiles, stones, or even a garden hose. Think, plan, and plant everything strategically.
  • Improper plant placement is another common mistake. Before randomly planting your saplings, pay attention to the little tag that you get when you buy the plant and check for plant requirements. Accordingly, plant them.

Need more help in transforming your backyard into something extremely eye-catching and stunning? Contact our Edmonton landscaping professionals and we will be there to help you in your backyard revamping project.

This Article was originally posted by Niels Fuglsang at the Songbird Yard Services website

Niels Fuglsang

Niels Fuglsang

After many successful years in Denmark, he moved to Edmonton in 2012. Niels has over two decades of property maintenance experience including: 9 years experience as a nursery grower 7 years experience with his own forestry business 3 years experience in construction building 3 years experience in lawn care and yard maintenance at a retirement centre 6 years in sales and marketing

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