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April 7, 2017

Landscaping Design Issues and Solutions

You don’t have to be a professional to discover your yard or lawn has a problem. Some design issues are easy to identify. Landscaping design problems can be the cause of spending money for maintenance and repairs. These design problems may also be due to lack of proper maintenance of your yard. Here are the five most common landscape design problems and some ways to fix them.

Compacted Soil
Compacted soil resists moisture and its unable to receive the air. This soil also results in an unproductive landscape as the plants, shrubs, and trees don’t get enough nutrients from the soil. This soil blocks the plant and tree roots deep into the soil. There’s only one advantage of compacted soil, it doesn’t wash away and causes soil erosion.

Solutions: Aerating the soil is the best way to fix compacted soil. If you don’t want to get into aerating and landscaping, you can simply add earthworms to the soil. This may take time but the result will be that you’ll obtain aerated, loose soil with enough natural manure.

Small Landscape
A small yard can limit your landscaping design ideas and refrain you from adding many aesthetic aspects to your yard. You not only have to think twice before planting your vegetation but also have to consider enough space to take care of the yard.

Solutions: You can switch to designing in inches rather than feet. This will help you to plan and design in a better way. Create multiple focal points that will make your yard appear bigger, like a small pond. You can also install an artificial waterfall, an outdoor seating area, etc. The vertical garden is the best option for smaller yards.

Poor Drainage
Different poor or inefficient yard drainage problems include water run-off, standing water (pooling of water), muddy yard, etc. These problems can destroy your landscaping and turn your backyard into a swamp. Not only this, poor drainage may also spoil the quality of the soil.

Solutions: Grading or sloping the yard is the best way to divert water away from the landscape. You can construct a French drain, underground dry well, corrugated tubes, or a grassy swale to direct water elsewhere in or outside the yard. If you have a large yard, you can construct a small pond in the area where water typically accumulates. Building a small pond will also act as a focal point to your landscape.

Here, at Songbird Yard Service, we can help diagnose landscaping design issues and suggest and create lasting solutions for each. We offer solutions and troubleshooting advice specific to your unique site challenges.

Addressing all the problems in your landscape with the help of our Edmonton landscaping professionals will help you create that perfect, inviting space for your house.

This Article was originally posted by Niels Fuglsang at the Songbird Yard Services website

Niels Fuglsang

Niels Fuglsang

After many successful years in Denmark, he moved to Edmonton in 2012. Niels has over two decades of property maintenance experience including: 9 years experience as a nursery grower 7 years experience with his own forestry business 3 years experience in construction building 3 years experience in lawn care and yard maintenance at a retirement centre 6 years in sales and marketing

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