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May 6, 2017

6 Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Growing and maintaining trees around your house brings a bagful of benefits. Some obvious advantages of having lush trees around your house include the curve appeal that they increase, the temperature that they control, and the oxygen-carbon dioxide levels they maintain. Not only this, trees provide privacy too as they are the natural fences for your house. If you wish to continue boring benefits of trees, you will have to consistently take care of them. Only consistent care and maintenance will ensure that you have healthy trees around your house. Here are some easy tips to maintain your trees so that they survive for longer years.

Water Adequately
Not providing enough water to trees is harmful but supplying too much water is also bad. Usually, daily 30-seconds of watering per tree with a steady stream of water from a simple garden hose is enough for mature trees. The aim is to make the soil moist and not soggy, so be careful. Also, water your trees early in the morning or late in evening to avoid evaporation due to direct sunlight.

Prune Carefully
Pruning trees are important so that trees don’t grow unevenly into large, damaging monsters. The winter season is a great time to prune trees before there is new growth in the spring. Prune and trim branches that are growing beyond the ideal structure of your trees. Look for crossing or rubbing, lowering, or withering branches and prune them immediately.

Mulch Regularly
Mulch around the base of your trees in order to retain moisture and insulate the soil. Mulching can also help in keeping weeds away and provide the necessary nutrients to tree roots. Start mulching from an inch or two from the trunk to at least 3 feet away from the base of the trunk. Apply 2-5 inch thick layer of organic mulch for the best results.

Fight Diseases Cleverly
When you start seeing withering or yellowing leaves, drooping branches, and no fruit blossoms for a long time, understand that your trees are infected with some diseases. Call professional landscapers and arborists to identify the cause of infection and the solution to it.

Protect Tree Bark
Repeated hitting of garden equipment, roller spray head, and vehicles can harm the trees and form holes or cracks in the bark. Keep them away or use them safely. Also, over the time, fungus, algae, and mushroom can grow on the surface of the bark. Make sure you scrape off these unwanted growths and spray herbicides to keep them away.

Avoid Parking Under the Trees
Don’t park under the shade of your trees. Over the years of parking under your trees, the soil in that patch can become compacted. Such type of soil is not suitable for the well-being of your trees.

All these tree maintenance tips are easy to perform. But, if you face difficulty in keeping your trees healthy, you can contact our Edmonton landscapers. Our experienced and skilled professionals will suggest the best solutions for your landscape difficulties.

This Article was originally posted by Niels Fuglsang at the Songbird Yard Services website

Niels Fuglsang

Niels Fuglsang

After many successful years in Denmark, he moved to Edmonton in 2012. Niels has over two decades of property maintenance experience including: 9 years experience as a nursery grower 7 years experience with his own forestry business 3 years experience in construction building 3 years experience in lawn care and yard maintenance at a retirement centre 6 years in sales and marketing

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