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6 Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Growing and maintaining trees around your house brings a bagful of benefits. Some obvious advantages of having lush trees around your house include the curve appeal that they increase, the temperature that they control, and the oxygen-carbon dioxide levels they maintain. Not only this, trees provide privacy too as they are the natural fences for your house. If you wish to continue boring benefits of trees, you will have to consistently take care of them. Only consistent care and maintenance will ensure that you have healthy trees around your house. Here are some easy tips to maintain your trees so that they survive for longer years.

Water Adequately
Not providing enough water to trees is harmful but supplying too much water is also bad. Usually, daily 30-seconds of watering per tree with a steady stream of water from a simple garden hose is enough for mature trees. The aim is to make the soil moist and not soggy, so be careful. Also, water your trees early in the morning or late in evening to avoid evaporation due to direct sunlight.

Prune Carefully
Pruning trees are important so that trees don’t grow unevenly into large, damaging monsters. The winter season is a great time to prune trees before there is new growth in the spring. Prune and trim branches that are growing beyond the ideal structure of your trees. Look for crossing or rubbing, lowering, or withering branches and prune them immediately.

Mulch Regularly
Mulch around the base of your trees in order to retain moisture and insulate the soil. Mulching can also help in keeping weeds away and provide the necessary nutrients to tree roots. Start mulching from an inch or two from the trunk to at least 3 feet away from the base of the trunk. Apply 2-5 inch thick layer of organic mulch for the best results.

Fight Diseases Cleverly
When you start seeing withering or yellowing leaves, drooping branches, and no fruit blossoms for a long time, understand that your trees are infected with some diseases. Call professional landscapers and arborists to identify the cause of infection and the solution to it.

Protect Tree Bark
Repeated hitting of garden equipment, roller spray head, and vehicles can harm the trees and form holes or cracks in the bark. Keep them away or use them safely. Also, over the time, fungus, algae, and mushroom can grow on the surface of the bark. Make sure you scrape off these unwanted growths and spray herbicides to keep them away.

Avoid Parking Under the Trees
Don’t park under the shade of your trees. Over the years of parking under your trees, the soil in that patch can become compacted. Such type of soil is not suitable for the well-being of your trees.

All these tree maintenance tips are easy to perform. But, if you face difficulty in keeping your trees healthy, you can contact our Edmonton landscapers. Our experienced and skilled professionals will suggest the best solutions for your landscape difficulties.

This Article was originally posted by Niels Fuglsang at the Songbird Yard Services website


How to Make Your Backyard Look Stunning?

The backyard of your house complements the landscape of your house. Transforming and making your backyard look stunning also defines your personality and lifestyle. So, it becomes important to pay more attention to the way you decorate your backyard. Take a look at some simple backyard design ideas mentioned below.

Choose Annual and Perennial Plants
Both, annual and perennial plants require less maintenance and extra care. Also, these plants, especially a huge variety of flowers bloom with bright colors. So why not add a dash of colors to your backyard by planting these low maintenance flowers.

Don’t Leave the Trees Alone
Trees that stand in isolation in your backyard can look random and pointless. If you have more than one tree in your backyard, connect them with a planted bed of plants, shrubs, and creepers. A curved or patterned plant bed will look even better.

Create a Shady Dining Area
If you don’t want to connect the trees with flowers and shrubs because you have too many trees in your backyard, you can create a shady dining area. No, there’s nothing bad about this shady area. Simply place your dining table, chairs, side tables, and other furniture under the shade of your trees. Lay your meals and enjoy the perfect sunlight on your table.

Consider Gravel Over Lawn
If you don’t want to maintain a lawn, you can lay colorful gravels on the ground. Gravel is low-maintenance, durable and relatively inexpensive. You can also hide or cover dead spots and areas that receive foot traffic defect with gravel.

Avoid Mistakes

  • More fertilizer means better plants, No! Providing your lawn with too much fertilizer causes the plant and grass roots to grow excessively. This means you’ll have to mow your grass and trim your plants more frequently than normal. Hence, use a little amount of fertilizer that suits your plants and grass.
  • If you think that simply planting your vegetation and placing accessories and furniture around them is all that you have to do to have a beautiful backyard then you are wrong. If you have beds of plants and flowers, it is important to edge them. You can edge them with tiles, stones, or even a garden hose. Think, plan, and plant everything strategically.
  • Improper plant placement is another common mistake. Before randomly planting your saplings, pay attention to the little tag that you get when you buy the plant and check for plant requirements. Accordingly, plant them.

Need more help in transforming your backyard into something extremely eye-catching and stunning? Contact our Edmonton landscaping professionals and we will be there to help you in your backyard revamping project.

This Article was originally posted by Niels Fuglsang at the Songbird Yard Services website


Landscaping Design Issues and Solutions

You don’t have to be a professional to discover your yard or lawn has a problem. Some design issues are easy to identify. Landscaping design problems can be the cause of spending money for maintenance and repairs. These design problems may also be due to lack of proper maintenance of your yard. Here are the five most common landscape design problems and some ways to fix them.

Compacted Soil
Compacted soil resists moisture and its unable to receive the air. This soil also results in an unproductive landscape as the plants, shrubs, and trees don’t get enough nutrients from the soil. This soil blocks the plant and tree roots deep into the soil. There’s only one advantage of compacted soil, it doesn’t wash away and causes soil erosion.

Solutions: Aerating the soil is the best way to fix compacted soil. If you don’t want to get into aerating and landscaping, you can simply add earthworms to the soil. This may take time but the result will be that you’ll obtain aerated, loose soil with enough natural manure.

Small Landscape
A small yard can limit your landscaping design ideas and refrain you from adding many aesthetic aspects to your yard. You not only have to think twice before planting your vegetation but also have to consider enough space to take care of the yard.

Solutions: You can switch to designing in inches rather than feet. This will help you to plan and design in a better way. Create multiple focal points that will make your yard appear bigger, like a small pond. You can also install an artificial waterfall, an outdoor seating area, etc. The vertical garden is the best option for smaller yards.

Poor Drainage
Different poor or inefficient yard drainage problems include water run-off, standing water (pooling of water), muddy yard, etc. These problems can destroy your landscaping and turn your backyard into a swamp. Not only this, poor drainage may also spoil the quality of the soil.

Solutions: Grading or sloping the yard is the best way to divert water away from the landscape. You can construct a French drain, underground dry well, corrugated tubes, or a grassy swale to direct water elsewhere in or outside the yard. If you have a large yard, you can construct a small pond in the area where water typically accumulates. Building a small pond will also act as a focal point to your landscape.

Here, at Songbird Yard Service, we can help diagnose landscaping design issues and suggest and create lasting solutions for each. We offer solutions and troubleshooting advice specific to your unique site challenges.

Addressing all the problems in your landscape with the help of our Edmonton landscaping professionals will help you create that perfect, inviting space for your house.

This Article was originally posted by Niels Fuglsang at the Songbird Yard Services website


7 Commercial Landscape Design Ideas

Any landscape area that is aesthetically designed, contributes to the overall beauty of the residential or commercial space. A good commercial landscape design should be a combination of the functional aspect and aesthetics. The design should enhance the overall look and image of your building but the design elements should also serve as a functional purpose. Here are 7 commercial landscape design ideas to consider when you plan designing your commercial landscape area.

Plan the Signages
Your entryway signage is the first element that your clients and visitors will look when they visit you. And as they say, the first impression is the last impression, which is why you need to ensure that your landscape area is inviting enough. You can also install various signages to direct your visitors to the landscape, parking, or main entrance area. Hence, it is crucial to be creative with the signages. In most cases, the signage is a permanent fixture that business owners don’t modify or replace. So plan smartly and create the best signage at the first go.

Add Colors in Patterns
Keeping in mind that your property is a business space and not a residential property, you must limit the usage of colors. Using too many colors will attract the visitors, but it won’t match the seriousness of a business place. Choose limited colors, and plant annual and perennial flowers in patterns. Simply planting beds of flowers and shrubs will make the space look like a garden. Strategically, plant them in patterns so that they look well-organized.

Switch to Low Maintenance Plants
As a business owner, it may become difficult for you to maintain your commercial landscape. Hence, select the low maintenance elements for your yard.

Install a Focal Point
A focal point structure can be anything that stands out from a standard, usual landscape. You can install a water feature like a small waterfall, a statue complementing your business, a huge vase, or any other accessory. This will draw the attention of your visitors and increase the aesthetics of your property.

Keep in Mind the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Gardening
Think about nature as well while designing your commercial landscape. Choose LED lights that cause less harm to the environment. Switch to sustainable backyard techniques to make sure less bio wastage is done and you make the most of the natural methods of gardening and yard maintenance.

If you are looking for help or ideas for your commercial landscape design, call us today! Get in touch with our Edmonton professional landscapers and we will help you plan your commercial landscape area beyond a simple lawn bed.

This Article was originally posted by Niels Fuglsang at the Songbird Yard Services website

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