Purchasing FAQ

From where are your plants sourced?
We chose regional wholesale nurseries in central AB and BC interior for their very high quality and large selection of northern climate stock.

What do Zones mean?
This refers to plant-hardiness for climatic region (based on lowest winter temperature and number of frost-free days). Edmonton and area is Zone 4A and so all plants classed 4A or less will grow here–only these northern-climate hardy plants are sold on YourYardBox.com

What is the difference between potted trees and rootball trees?
Given that all watering and planting care best practices are followed then potted trees have a roughly 30-40% death rate after 12 months whereas rootball trees have less than 1% death rate after 12 months (based on 2017 data from primary supplier).

I cannot find the plant I want, will you special order it?
Because our catalog shows all inventory available for sale or back-order, we may not be able to provide special requests. Please contact us.

I can find the plant I want but not the right size, can you order it?
We may have alternate sizes available for order. Please contact us.

The product I want is out of stock, can you order more?
Yes, we order with regular frequency. Please contact us.

Are Annuals or Indoor/Tropicals sold on your site?
We plan to sell a limited quantity of annuals every spring (Apr-May). We have no current plans to offer indoor/tropical plants at this time.

What is your Return Policy?
Upon delivery, customers have 1 day notice to exercise a 7 day quality assurance return/exchange (for cases of poor health or wrong product mismatch). Customer must show proof of damage. We offer a 1 year replacement guarantee for all perennials, shrubs and trees. In all cases best care practices must be followed.

What are watering/planting best care practices?
Always keep roots moist. Water upon delivery in hot/sunny conditions. Water daily for first and second week. Water every 2 days for third week. Water every 3 days for fourth week. Do not overwater if rainy/overcast.

Services FAQ

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park. We will consider locations within a 17 km radius of Edmonton.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery is free for orders over $200 otherwise we charge a low $39 delivery fee.

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